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About me

Hi there, yes that’s right, I am actually talking to you. How are you? That’s great to hear! My name is Taylor Milton and this is my "blog". Due to my recent years of endless travel and picture posting, I figure it’s time I dive back in and share the collection with you.

Before I try and convince you to buy a pizza in every country, or start happy hour by noon, I think it may be smart to give you the inside scoop about me. You know, so you don't continue reading and become determined I’m some kind of weirdo with a great sense of humor.

With that being said, hello again, I am currently sitting in San Diego, California, where I was born and raised and still consider my home base. I am a handful of years removed from Santa Clara University, where I graduated with one of those super “multidimensional” Communication degrees.

While earning my degree, I also competed as a scholarship member of the Santa Clara's Women's Volleyball Team. Aside from being your typical volleyball geek, I love reading cooking, travel, and lifestyle magazines, listening to funny yet motivational podcasts, doing anything active or inactive in the sun, and messing around with all things photography. 

Beyond that I enjoy drinking coffee every hour until happy hour, constantly researching new trinkets from eats to events, and telling all my friends where they must do so as well.

Did I mention volleyball? I love the game, I guess that's why I still play professionally. It's also the reason I am writing this blog. I've been traveling the world, one volleyball contract at a time. I've bounced around and connected to a long list of beautiful, inspiring people and places collecting all these stories that have made me so inclined to share with you.


The seasons have added up quickly; I just finished playing my sixth season as a professional in Cyprus. Damn, time flies. I know some of you may be thinking, isn't that a Greek island? NOPE! I started my career in Hamburg, Germany for my very first go around, and then found myself in Luzern, Switzerland the following season. After that, I played in Manila, Philippines. Why do you ask? No, it wasn't to get Zika (yes, bad joke, but I know some of you were thinking it). I wanted a taste of the world, the diversity, so what better place to contradict Switzerland than a place in southeast Asia. Once I finished two seasons there, I made my way to Voula, Greece, a small beach town in the southern Riviera of Athens. If you’re reading this thinking, Voula? Google it! It's stunning.


The opportunities and values that have come from living around the world are like nothing you can find during an ordinary day job. Sorry finance friends! As someone wise once said about me, “From there, she has been able to take her degree and engage in this professional sports community on an international level, learning different cultural ways of success and creating new broader connections. Working actively, hands-on, and interacting with all sorts of different minds has always been a passion of hers. Taylor believes we are able to gain new concepts and ideas from those who have brought different experiences to the table, that then come together with a similar interest for specific companies.” Gosh, they're so thoughtful, sorry for the short testimonial boasting.


As for photography, I believe it’s almost a sin to take beautiful photos and have them go unseen. Childhood lesson number one coming full circle, “sharing is caring.” I recently added a little glitter to the resume and took up photography for more than just my travel pleasures. I wanted to find a way to story-tell through this international journey I'd turned into a career. I also ran the social media platforms and captured events for a unique little art space while living abroad. 


Back home, I am an ambassador, brand influencer, and sponsored athlete for a few companies that I believe aim to inspire and influence people like myself as a female and as an athlete. Skin Resource MD was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. She swore by their products and now it's safe to say that I do too. Sweat Cosmetics, Vuori clothing, and Jolyn swimwear are just a few of the other rad companies that I have been fortunate enough to work with. Nanocraft CBD, a local San Diego CBD company, sponsors me as their first volleyball athlete. To learn more about my interactions with each of these companies, flip over to my PRODUCTS page!


I’ll leave all the other sales and volunteer work for the resume. The posts are an array of travel guides around some of the most breathtaking places in the world! As a remixed version of Star Wars once said, “May the force [of Travel] be with you!” 



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