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The Best Mountain Top Views of Switzerland!

Usually a winter post includes something about skiing or snowboarding because thats what most winter mountain goers do right? Well, how does sledding down a black diamond crying like a big baby with my fancy Frye boots on, dug into the snow spraying myself in the face the whole way down sound? Mountainous? Adventurous? Winter-goer-esque?

Yup, I am that girl; the one who literally believes it's possible to "fall off the mountain" while skiing, sledding or doing any other winter sport within those lines. Funny enough, I love to surf, swim, boogie board, you name it in the ocean... but, it's NOT the same if you ask me!

So instead, I take pleasure in maximizing my photography skills while occasionally going the distance to drink a few beers once I make it to the top. By that, I mean I traveled to the top of as many Swiss mountains I had time for, to sip a few brewskies and indulge in some of their winter's best places for getting a tan.

In other words, here are some of Swiss's best mountain tops I made it too that offered some of the most amazing skiing, sledding, snowboarding, hiking, or just simply beer drinkin' winter magic. But, I am also gonna throw in some peaks that I visited during the warmer seasons as well! Between swimming, hiking, toboggan-ing, and drifting down lazy rivers, the Swiss mountains have every season covered. Its impossible not to fall in love with this gorgeous, decorated country.



Mount Pilatus

Mount Rigi


Grindelwald - First Cliff Walk


Lugano - Monte Bre

Bern - Gurten Mountain

Lavertezzo - Valle Verzasca

Not Featured:

Zermatt - Matterhorn



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