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Words from a Wine-O

No justification is every really needed to drink the fruit of the loom (we're not talking' underwear people). But if you wanted to know why such a drink was so desired, and why you haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet, here's what will sell you and have you running late to the party!

Cheers to 30 semi-qualified reasons we convince ourselves it's time to crack open a bottle of vino:

  1. No girls night has ever flowed freely without the proper vines.

  2. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.. and it’s also noon somewhere else. Who’s to say we can’t commence at the brunch hour?

  3. Ask a woman. Period. RAWR!

  4. You drink on a Monday to mentally check Friday 5 days away. You drink on a Wednesday because it’s hump day, half way, time to celebrate! You drink on a Friday because it’s basically Saturday. You drink on a Saturday for all reasons Saturday. And you drink on a Sunday in sadness of Monday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are typically for Tequila.

  5. Good day - DRINK!

  6. Bad day - DrUnK.

  7. Wine and chocolate pairing... PINKIES UP!

  8. You’re so fancy. (Iggy Azalea)

  9. Ever heard of a proper date?

  10. Something about good health, right?

  11. Not everyone’s dance moves can be such a gift to the mortal eye; they need all the help they can get.

  12. You need a serving of fruit every day.. an apple a day keeps the doctor away (or grapes, potato-potato).

  13. That feeling of sophistication with proper pronunciation of whats on the label.. out of this world. You go glen cocoa!

  14. You still believe in the merits of 2-buck chuck.

  15. It brings about socially savage superpowers. Watch out!

  16. Your bilingual abilities reveal their true selves. Qué hay sobre eso?!

  17. The Pope does. PREACH!

  18. Awkward social experiences, experiments, and extra curricular activities. Amen.

  19. Wednesday’s are basically singing the word... (2 points for Wednesdays)

  20. Hashtags are in nowadays, right... #winenot

  21. It makes your jokes funnier; it makes others jokes funnier... who cares who is funny, we're all laughing!

  22. If the glass is half empty, you’re not a pessimist, you just need to open another bottle.

  23. Whoever laid in a bubble bath with a candle and a cold beer?

  24. Wine slows time.. probably how it ages so well.

  25. Gotta get those creative juices flowing!

  26. You know you want to.

  27. Snapchats and boomerangs are sexier with a glass of wine in hand.. or the bottle.

  28. A glass of wine is like the new multivitamin: little calcium, magnesium, choline, and deliciousness!

  29. Its the perfect problem solver; the solution is found at the bottom of every bottle, like the toy in a cereal box.


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