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The Beauty of PERSPECTIVE in 72 hours

Gardens by the Bay

Some of the greatest mornings are those without an alarm clock. I stirred myself a big ol' cup of joe and started watching People We May Know. The full circle of irony is what got my ass back on this blog writing this particular post. For most of you that haven't caught the movie, its a social media movie based on the works of those finding fame or higher social status aka a large "following" through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all the other foofy apps we use these days. The movie summed itself up at the end with a classic romantic ending, some watery eyes as it graced us with the true meaning and identities of "perspective."

Which brings me to, Singapore. For those that followed my past weekend escapades on Instagram, I apologize for the 30 minute long story, but there were far too many pieces to that city slash country within my perspective I thought worthy of sharing with you.

But first, to any of you that tried to tell me Singapore is boring and not worth the travel, I’d like to say a quick “Poo Poo” to you. With the right curiosities and ideas for what intrigues you, plus some good research, makes for an amazing trip through any new place. This city is absolutely dazzling. My two cents are only the two seen through my eyes, but maybe worth inspiring someone else to make the trip to see it their way. This is where to bop around but mostly just me filling the page with words to appeal to the pictures created by somewhere special; because pictures and perspective is where it really counts.

ArtScience Museum

This place is truly where all art lovers can find their taste - style - mold - like mindedness. Whether it’s architecturally, historically, modern, from the streets, to the sky, day or night, in nature, or man-made, it’s inevitable that something their will catch your eye. I'm not going to lie though, on the city’s behalf, it’s like taking candy from a baby in regards to money. F R E A K I N G bananas!!! My coffee addiction costed $5 a pop at minimum... regardless, worth every penny.

Any hipsters out there? This city is for you. From coffee shops to art galleries, rooftop bars, to speakeasies, I was thoroughly jazzed by all. The young, charming crowd doesn’t hurt much either. In the land of wealth and sexiness, there was enough quality eye candy to go around. The international community base makes for a home to any eclectic wave that comes through.

Any exhibitions, rebels or ruler breakers out there? Button your collars and lace up those sneaks because this is not the city you color outside the lines. Fines are pocket-renchers; I'm talking $500 for sipping that expensive cappuccino on the MRT expensive and a good ol' fashion caning for trying to contribute your own form of street art off the canvas.

As for the tourist attractions, I think I'll allow my pictures to speak for themselves. Pick your poison, the options are endless and all worthy of their price.


After all, we have the control of our perspectives; what we do and don't like. And we also have the control and opportunity to create more than that of what others speak for us. So here is what I saw; here is what I liked; and here are the reasons I follow my opportunities to continuously travel. With that being said, may I leave you with this:

“Not everything we see online is true, but the way we treat each other [and ourselves] is impossible to misinterpret.” - Usher - People We May Know - P E R S P E C T I V E

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