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The Little Wins


Has anyone ever told you to stop for a second and make a mental note for all the little wins of life; maybe at a good time, or at a point when we need that sense of positive reenforcement. After a number of both really great days rolling together with plenty of bad ones, let me share some of my own before I challenge you to your own list:

A colorful sunset

Warm night spent outside

Discovering a new item on a menu

An extra hour of sleep

The fulfillment from a love text, email, phone call, letter

A real soulful cup of coffee

Super hyphy gym workout

The blossoms of spring

Running into an old friend

Starting fresh

Closing the door to a chapter

Losing weight

Eating a whole pizza

Giving a friend good advice, pat on the back!

Receiving “it’ll be okay” love

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Laughing until you cry.. just a good laugh

Making someone else laugh #winning


Being okay and happy without money

Seeing life as more than money

Being surrounded by people you love

A good sweat


Tan lines... sun burns!

Blogging at the gym

Working out at work

Ice cream in the heat

Coffee in the cold

Wine anytime

Friend gatherings

Leaving toxic behind you

Reuniting with family

Making a quick bounce back.. Bouncing back in general!

Trying something new and loving it

Conquering a fear

Saving a pessimist

Embracing an optimist

100 happy days.. try it!

You are a badass.. read it!

Some days we ask ourselves. How am I supposed to be happy when... and the list begins. Yet we consume ourselves with hate, worry, sadness, anger, self loathing and pity, and say to ourselves that it’s not fair, it’s not right, I don’t deserve this, why, I did everything I could... and the simplest things to do next, makes for the most challenging. In those moments, we are choosing to hide in the shade. I never truly believed that anyone is “stuck in the darkness.” No matter how simple or extreme the troubles, the truth is the light has moved aside and we find ourselves covered by a bit of shade overhead. You can look at your options, left, right, forward, or straight up and continue to believe that we are stuck in a place that’s darkness reflects our entire life; not just the portion we are standing under at that very moment in time. The day is right there with you, providing multiple opportunities in both the light and darkness [sunlight and shade]. But why do we challenge ourselves to stand up and move into the sun? Or god for bid it’s a cloudy day, do we stay optimistic during longer periods while waiting for the sun to return, during a gloomy day of May Grey or June Gloom...

I will never define a challenge of mine in comparison to anyone else’s. There’s no right answer, no level of obstacle, nor manageable explanation higher or harder than another, only how we embrace and face any and all things trying to define us. (If you get the opportunity, take a peak at the book "You Are A Badass" and flip to the chapter titled - The Big Snooze - its all about a quick karate move, duck, jab, kick, deep breath - and onto the next one, never allowing all the "suck" to take you down.)

So now, its your turn. Amongst all the moving parts in your day, life, schedule, family, relationship, health, job, surroundings, goods and bads. What kind of list can you create to prove to yourself that no matter what is going on, there's still a small win on your side somewhere. #GratefulPost

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