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The Solo Traveler

The grand adventure of traveling alone; it’s always the most compelling idea, yet seemingly the hardest to follow through with for me because I am a people lover. Since as far back as I can remember, I have had the opportunity to travel for what started as my hobby and has now made itself my career. Volleyball being that profession, allowed for me to jump on and off airplanes around the country, and now the world as I continued to pursue it. So when it came to travel, I never thought twice about flying anywhere together or alone. But last spring, my travel plans started looking a little different. I had my heart set on traveling to Portugal and done all the possible research, the only thing missing was who to go with. As time was ticking and ticket prices were rising, I made the spontaneous decision to go all by myself to Lisbon and Lagos, down towards the Algarve. Only catch all, I’ve never actually traveled alone in a foreign country for more than a day before and I was about to test out 6 days in Portugal all by myself! Best choice I have ever made; the most liberating, exhilarating, yet relaxing and gratifying trip. There’s truly something about exploring without a destination or influence on direction. And the best part, the endless rooftops made the travel for one so fulfilling; offering different eye view to look down upon the city with a glass of wine or nice meal after spending the long days strolling through and looking up at all its beauty. I may have been conversation, but most definitely had enough to create complete contentment.

UNSEEN BLOOPERS (aka #blessed nobody was I knew around):

- getting pooped on by a bird while jaunting gracefully past an open air bar fully of people (act like you've been here before #fullbodyclench)

- falling over with my electric scooter while trying to park it in front of a restaurant (thank god for a helmet! #firsttimeforeverything)

- pushing my massive suitcase straight uphill to my airbnb (no such thing as "packing lightly" #basic)

- chasing the last bus of the day (he never stopped #socloseyetsofar)

- getting drenched while trying to take super artsy ocean pictures (do it for the gram #worthit)

#portugal #lisbon

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