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7 Romantic Stops Through Croatia

Croatia is for LOVERS! For starters, this country would be a true pity not to see by car! The coastline has something so special to offer that you DO NOT want to miss! Between passing through seaside towns, long open spaces and famous trademarks, this country's landscape has immeasurable refinement and charm...

1st Stop: Hvar (by ferry) - this island town known as the Croatian summer resort with a hilltop fortress overlooking all its beauty. In the heat of summer its known to be the center of attention for party goers but if you catch it just prior to opening season, the serenity is something more special than you could ever imagine.

2nd Stop: Split - this town is on the Dalmatian coast and also one of the best places to start and/or fly into for your Croatian adventures. Its unique little Old Town sits right on the water at the port where you can jet off to numerous different islands. Be sure to get lost throughout the town, sipping wine at the small looked restaurants and end up at the colorful green market of fruits, vegetables and other local goods.

Mini Stop: Sibenik - this town was a pass by for us on our way to Plitvice National Park. Most people choose the Krka National Park because its much closer to other popular traveler cities; which is nearest to this gorgeous little town of Sibenik. As you drive over the bridge you can look out upon the long gateway towards the Kornati Islands or back at UNESCO's fortress city.

3rd Stop: Plitvice National Park - I was at a loss of words for how special this place was. As you hop along a wooden path that weaves in out and around a number of waterfalls, the greenery is multicolored and the waters are crystal clear to see right to the bottom. Multiple paths allow you to take to the trails for anything between a short hours walk or something up to a full days worth of hiking. We caught a day of chilled weather so we weren't in anything lighter than a hoodie, but on a day of sunshine you can also cool off with a swim!

Mini Stop: Omis - Most of our stops were planned out, but this one was not and it was quite a treat. Unfortunately our travel time was limited, but if we had more, white water rafting and zip lining through the mountains of Omis would absolutely be on the list. It holds a little of everything from delicious eats, beaches, Fortresses and many sports like canyoning, climbing, rafting, diving and paragliding. Nestled right below the steep faced mountains is the rustic colored port and town.

4th Stop: Brela - a local friend put this stop on our map, and I am so glad she did. This town is nestled in the moutain side, as part of the Makarska Riviera. It's mostly popularly known for Punta Rata, a long 6km pebble beach mentioned in the Forbes magazine for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the WORLD!

5th Stop: Makarska - This town is a seafront promenade known for its nightlife. But nobody told us we were in a town that had one of the most amazing points to watch sunset. We walked out to the Sveti Petar lighthouse to watch and the colors were brighter than any saturation you could ever add on a camera. It also had a quaint Old Town with lots of cute little cafes and restaurants.

Mini Stop: Rizman Winery, Klek - it speaks for itself!

6th Stop: Korcula/Lumbarda (by ferry) - 100% romance is found here! You ferry into the main port of Korcula but we stayed in the village of Lumbarda, a seaside town filled with wineries and private beaches. The water's color is crystal and the vine's leaves are fresh. We rode bikes through the picturesque area of pine woods and olive groves atop both Lumbarda and Korcula town. You can also go back and forth between the two places by water taxi allowing you to get a tour of the smaller surrounding islands, one of which holds the now unpopulated Badija Monastery.

Mini Stop: Brsecine - This was only a long stretched drive by for us but within that 3 km stretch I made my boyfriend stop about 5 separate times because of how gorgeous it was. the steep cliffs covered in bright red poppies lit up the side of the mountain even though the weather at the time was quite gloomy. And as we peered down at the water line, the blues were glowing along the sand.

7th Stop: Dubrovnik - This was our final stop and departure point of the trip. We are all about the views from above, and I don't mean from a drone, thats only cheating since you don't get to be up there with it. The Walls of Dubrovnik offer a view of this city and its inner Old Town like none other I've ever seen. One of our favorite spots was the Buza Bar located on the outer sea wall hidden from the rest of the town. It was the perfect spot for an afternoon swim with drinks, and also the place to be for sunset.

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