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Sweat Babe Alert!

Sweat Cosmetics #foractivebeauty #watchmesweat

Products I used:

Mineral Powder Twist Brush,

Mineral Illuminator,

Mineral foundation

Being an Ambassador is such a fun and unique opportunity. Being a part of the Sweat Squad has been a blast, helping introduce them to the volleyball community, as well as spread the love I have for their products. And also, learn and become introduced through them to so many other cool partnered brands and companies with the same desires in mind.

Every time I head outside and break a sweat, whether it be going for a run, playing some beach volleyball, surfing, or any other active activity I know that Sweat's mineral defense is there to keep up with my sweat, sun-protected beauty desires!

Considering some kick ass professional athletes are behind the magic, you know they have the right goals in mind to create their products. Being a professional athlete myself, its a double-whammy when we know we will not only be out there sweating but also caught on camera. Sweat Cosmetics to save the day!

Check out Sweat Cosmetics online and use my code TAY20 for 20% off your purchase!

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