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Skin Unexposed!

Dr Loretta #SkinUnexposed

Product used:

Tightening Eye Gel,

Concentrated Firming Moisturizer

From post long red-eye flights to just post naps, the tightening eye gel is on my first train of thought to help look, feel and fool others with that "looking alive" perception. It not only helps the look of livelier eyes, but it also gives the rejuvenated and tighter feel of the skin below. Its a must-have while I'm traveling! And on the daily in my purse.

This moisturizer goes hand in hand with the tightening eye gel. Nothing better than washing your face at the end of a flight or after a long day in the sun, and putting on something that nurtures your skin against the pollutants like sun damage and city smog. Both of which we are all victims of on a daily basis!

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