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The Rise. The Shine!

Vuori Activewear & Performance Apparel #therisetheshine

I was initially introduced to the Vuori brand from a friend who also was in the sports world like me. He knew what it meant to live "athleisurely" aka in workout clothes. Not only was I looking to be a part of a clothing brand that I wore comfortably and often, but I also, wanted to stand behind a company with likeminded inspirations.

I am a V1 Brand Influencer, working hard to achieve great value surrounding my health and happiness shared with my community in part of all of our every day lives.

Considering its a hometown grown company, I also love the ability to support something with the same roots as me. I get up everyday as a professional athlete with the intent to be #therisetheshine that I wear and feel towards the goals and challenges I face trying to be the best athlete I can be and inspiring those around me. So what do I wear when I want to sweat? Check it out!

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