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JOLYN! For Women That Inspire

Jolyn Swimwear #Jolyn #ForWomenWhoInspireUs

While being a professional volleyball player, I occasionally enjoy some off the court training in many different ways. Two favorites are playing beach volleyball and swimming. With that being said, it can be pretty difficult to find suits that I am comfortable actively training in. Between diving in the sand and keeping your tatas in your top, to a bottom that makes you feel confident while jumping and running around outside, Jolyn has all my bases covered. Personally, Jolyn's skinny strap "Merlin" and "Bennett" tops are my go-tos because they don't leave awful thick strapped tan lines on your chest nor do they let anything slip! I also have come to like their slim "Brazil" and "2 Bottom" bottoms, which come in a million different colors! You can also see above, their clothing line including their shorts which are INSANELY comfy to train in if you're not ready to go bikini mode yet! So for me, joining their Pro Club was a no brainer because I love being on a team that works together to understand the needs of a variety of athletes. Especially us women, who are out there to inspire!

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