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Hamburg's Coffee + Wine by District

Coffee drinking is a past time that started to be a thing dated back probably just post (pre historic) Dino age, and the gorilla phase too, whichever came first. It was drank by the kings and queens and trickled down through all the apostles. And as does most things, it streamed through time turning itself from proper occasion amongst company into a now form of #dailyart.

Of course, before further banter, I must give credit to where it’s due. The Euros, always managed to do it better. Except now that I’ve been living in Asian territory, they’re not so bad themselves. Yet it was as a whole, that we created this new form. I like to call this, the "Insta-Worthy" coffee art. From top to bottom and all that is surrounding it; Any coffee worth drinking must also be picture perfect, from the cafe to the frothy art itself. It’s a thing.

Considering Hamburg has become somewhat of a second home for me, the number of recommendations in my two favorite categories has gotten quite long. So here is a break down of the absolute best that allows you to sip morning through night in any district you may be exploring. Prost!!



wine - Vineyard

coffee - Vin Aqua Vin, Caffe Toraldo, Cafe Delice


wine - Pizzeria Al Volo

coffee - Supper Club Bootsverleih, Esszimmer Cafe, Kropka


wine - Katze, Sofa Bar

coffee - Elbgold, Hermetic Coffee Roasters, Brugge Cafe


wine - Maats

coffee - Strandperle


wine - Alte Liebe Cafe Bar

coffee - Nord Coast Coffee Roastery


wine - Sankt Pauli Naughty Weinachtsmarkt

coffee - Cafe MAY

Hamburg Jungfernstieg:

wine - Atelier F

coffee - Le Velo, Kaiserwetter

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