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Lips So Lush.. It's Laneige!

Laneige #isleptwithlaneige #hydratewithlaneige

Roses are red...

Violets are blue...

I LOVE my lips lush...

How about YOU?

Product used: Lip Sleeping Mask

I love my lips. But man, they can get chapped so easily! And to make it worse, when winter rolls around... that chapped feeling really gets kicked up a notch. If I'm not chapstick in hand during the day, I start to feel like a fish out of water. And man does that squirmy feeling SUCK! So what better way to fix a long day on the lips as well as start the day off right by adding a sleeping mask to rehydrate and replenish that plump, natural look. Chapstick doesn't tend to be my favorite for overnight use because they still wake up dry, so when I discovered something just for sleep, and liked the result, I knew I had to share because I couldn't be the only one out there with the same fish out of water feelings! Marco... POLOOO!

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