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Summer Fridays... Or Everyday!

Summer Fridays #TGISF

Product used: Jet Lag Mask

Not always looking or feeling well rested? Sorry but thats reality that makeup can't always cure... and having something to make you look like you are... now that sounds like the cure to me! Sometimes you need something to help ya fake it til ya make it and why not look the part to ease the hustle!

With that said, lets give you that self-worthy glow whenever it was needed and not only after a good nights sleep... We don't always have that luxury, anyways. That's why I immediately jumped on the jet lag mask train. I not only loved the name, considering my life is constantly in a jet lagged tizzy, but also because I love days where I can head outside wearing nothing but the confidence of my own skin naked of any makeup on my face.

And the name couldn't be more fitting because who doesn't agree to the fact that our sun kissed summer skin is usually the best thing to rock NAKED! Summer Fridays may not be exposing the darkest shades of your skin, but the glow of it sure will be there. Whether I am using it for my full face or just a little glow around the eye region, I make sure it never strays too far from my weekly skin pampering regimen!

Next time you grab your passport... make sure you take that Summer Fridays mask with it!

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