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Off Seasons on the Greek Islands

Theres something special about traveling in the winter. Some are on a desperate search for warmth, while others are just looking for a place to get away from their busy lives around the holidays. Away from all the hustle and bustle back in the cities of Greece, the lights are going up and the Christmas vibes are rising. The winter clothes are getting thicker and the time spent outside is a little more limited. Thankfully the sun never hides long here, but the chill can keep you cozied up in doors from time to time.

The opportunities to travel to this islands during this time of year is not for everyone. Matter of fact, their quite empty and I happen to travel out to Santorini for the purpose of a volleyball match, but I am really glad I did.

Being able to see a tourist hot spot off season is like being able to sneak into one of your favorite stores early in the morning before anyone else gets there. The lights may still be off, and the store may not be totally set up for fellow shoppers yet, but you get a peaceful sneak peak at what makes that place so special.

As for Santorini Island, I still found myself in only a sweatshirt around this time of year and the sun was shining. We walked through out the main town of Thera, taking beautiful scenic pictures, uncrowded or shared by tourists, freshly greened by all the rain, and with darker shades from the rolling seasons. Now this is definitely not your bikini destination this time of year, but its not to say the islands lose their purpose while high season is down. Some night clubs will still be blaring throughout the nights while the mornings roll around with cafes and bakeries filled of those looking to fill up their bellies.

Maybe the winter travels are more your style... take a peek and decide if changing up your hometown holiday traditions is right for you!

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