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The Perfect DIY Christmas Gift!

ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Does that instill excitement or panic for you? For some people, the thought of buying one million gifts not only with available time and money, but with significance can be very intimidating to accomplish.

And if you're like me and love giving gifts that are made instead of bought, after 26 years of living it really starts to stretch your creativity in the DIY department. But this just in... I've got something good for you!

Putting together photo albums, blowing up photography, sewing something warm and fuzzy, hand crafted furniture, timeline throwbacks, high tech google photo collages, memory playlists, carefully created cards, you name it... I've done it...

Nothing says I love you like something handmade from the heart. So, when I stumbled upon the roadblock for what was next, it began for a birthday and the idea was perfect for more than just that occasion! I went to the nearest craft store and market and picked up a set of blank stickers and a few bottles of wine. Considering I know what my friends, family, etc like to drink, I made sure to start by picking out something that they would love to sip on. If you want to signify something more particular, you can choose a wine by year, location, blend, etc to make it more unique to each of them. And if you're on a budget, its still perfect because you can use this gift within any price range!

PSA!! It doesn't have to be a bottle of wine, it can be any kind of liquor with a running memory or significance between you and your recipient. And, for any of you looking for a fun, extra occasion to get together with friends before Christmas, buy a couple extra bottles to drink together while decorating!!

After you have your bottle or bottles, I highly advise you create your stickers BEFORE sticking them onto the bottles. Maybe you're rolling your eyes, like duh, why would I try and draw directly on the bottle? But we all know, sometimes we get a little too ahead of ourselves and go straight for the final step and have to work backwards to fix it.

So, once you've carefully come up with something cute and curated towards that special someone, throw a bow on it or wrap that bad boy up and you've got yourself a perfectly unique gift that both can be drank and then used as long term decor in memory of something special you once did, drank and will always remember. Cheers!

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