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Drink It Like The Greeks Do!

I've never been a gal that likes to change up her regular cappuccino order, no matter what season. It took me over a year to get on board with trying a flat white and admitting I was becoming a part of the fad. And it wasn't until I discovered the way the Greeks like to drink their coffees, that I realized my coffee could change seasonally too, along with my wardrobe.

You ready to become a year long lover of all things coffee? Drum roll please... Freddo cappucinos and espressos! What is "freddo" you ask? It's considered the cold on the rocks version of your everyday hot coffee. You can still have your thick and creamy frothed milk on top, or your sugar, cinnamon or honey, however you desire. But instead of sipping something steamy on a hot day, we all can appreciate the warm fuzzy feeling inside from a cup of coffee, there is the cold version of your very same drink that is just as warm and fuzzy on the tummy after it goes down cool and easy!

I haven't had the chance to ask around for the drink outside of Greece quite yet, but if you get the chance or stumble upon one on a menu... Take the opportunity and try one!


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