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San Diego's Best Breakfast Burrito Spots

There's a few little specialties San Diego never fails to deliver, and one of those things is their breakfast burritos and California burritos. I recently went home over the holidays and made sure to get my fair share so I could leave fat and happy filled with the best! So after I thought I would reach out to some very reliable SD foodies to see where they love to go, as well as give ya some of my top picks. Now, usually when you can find a good breakfast burrito, the place can guarantee the same satisfaction for cali burritos and all else on the menu. The restaurants may be shabby lookin', but isn't that originality the best part?? One of my most important recommendations to all friends that come through to visit, is marking up where they must eat and drink... and everyone deserves to know what real, Mexican food is all about! Shoot, we are close enough to the border, there's no mistaking that originality!

What's in a breakfast burrito you ask? The flare of each place changes it up a bit, but the main ingredients of such a work of art remain the same:

- Flour Tortilla Wrapped

- Eggs

- Potato

- Sausage, Ham or Bacon (or any combo of the three)

- Avocado (if preferred)

- Cheese

- Tomato, Spinach, Onion, Beans (mixed in on occasion)

And for those of you curious about a California burrito:

- Flour Tortilla Wrapped

- Carne Asada

- Guacamole

- Pico de Gallo

- Cheese



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