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So Pure its Phlur!

They'll stop the world and melt with you!

So, I am a candle NUT! Love a good scent around the house while I'm home, seems to enhance a good sense of relaxation and comfort. I stumbled upon Phlur through a kick ass gal that I met earlier in the year who speaks about creating a non toxic lifestyle and empowering other women. In part of a clean 2019, I want to include as much within that as possible. Lucky for me, the combination of my strong love for candles and some great recommendations through The Platform, I found these amazing sustainably crafted fragrances and candle!

They started with fragrances and shifted their success into candles, hand-poured in vegetable-based wax. Made completely without parabens, phthalates or any known skin allergens... now that sounds squeaky clean to me! The smell is warm and subtle, and the white glass of the candles and fragrances are chic and simple. The bottles of the fragrances are even made with 20% recycled glass and vegetable paint so the bottle can continue on its cycle to be RE-cycled... LOVE THAT!

Where to find it: online ( ) or I also recently stumbled upon their line in a Credo Beauty store.

AND MY GIFT FOR YOU -- -- if you make a purchase through this link, you'll get 50% off of your first sample set. Each sample set comes with 3 scents of your choosing-- that’s a whole month of fragrance for under $10!

So... Have a whiff and see tell me what ya think!

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