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Day Trip to Aegina

Temple of Aphaia

One of the greatest qualities Greece has to offer is the variety of islands that you can visit with numerous amounts of unique style, culture and flare. Most of which, can be experienced in both short or longer periods of travel time. For some of us, we want to see it all, so we dedicate a day at a time in multiple places. So for those of you go-getters, or limited time havers, here is a quick day trip agenda for you to one of the more underrate islands of Greece!

For me it began from the Pireas port in Athens; we jumped on a ferry around 8am and it only took about an hour and a half until we arrived. I love to seize the day so I always kick off a trip with a coffee and a snack so I don't crash while in the middle of exploring.

The biggest question and way of going about a day successfully is figuring out transportation right away. Sometimes public transportation is the easiest to accomplish it all, but then there are times where doing it the more spontaneous way helps make the trip more unique. If you asked me, Aegina is the perfect place to travel by quad or double seater four wheelers. Sometimes we think planning where to go is most important but half the time when you end up wandering aimlessly you find the most memorable parts. With that being said, the island is big enough that you want something with an engine but the area around the island is so picturesque that you'll constantly want to stop off with ease and appreciate its beauty.

So right out of the port there are a number of reasonably priced rental places where you can take your pick. We chose Drive Rentals Aegina. Jump on with a fancy looking helmet of course, make sure to grab a map if your phone doesn't have service, and get on your way!

The route we took was from Egina (the main for of Aegina) and we went north along the coast line towards the Temple of Apollo where we had to initially fill up our gas tanks, then road along the coast through Kipseli, Vathi and Vagia stopping frequently to take pictures and enjoy the environment. Make note, there were so many different beaches laid out perfectly along the way for swimming. But for us, the Temple of Aphaia was a must see at the top of our list,

Temple of Aphaia

Through beautiful greenery we drove higher and higher up a cliff, towards what we could see briefly as the Temple of Aphaia. Fortunately for us, there were 360 degree views of the island on the way up we never imagined being able to see. Upon arrival, you pay your typical entry fee and stroll around with your camera attached to your face. But remember, what your eyes see is where memories are properly created! So no matter how breathtaking the pictures may be, don't let your camera be the only thing to truly enjoy it!

Are you starting to get hungry yet?? After a few hours of northern coastline cruising it was time to make a direct shot for our next intended target location, Fyki Beach Restaurant. We were ready to get some food and drinks in our system. So we took the Leof. Aphaia route (see on a map) that winds you through Aegina's majestic yet colorful countryside of wineries, old churches and small towns. Nothing describes the freedom of beauty quite like this.

It only took us about thirty minutes to drive diagonal across the island to reach Fyki. As you reappeared along the coastline, the water sparked with the bluest blues. You could jump off and swim at any point and feel safe and in pure bliss. For us, Fyki was recommended as a must so after making it we made sure we went to town to get the full effect.

Fyki Restaurant

The music was perfect for the occasion, some sense of chill house as it sat right on the sea with a perfect view of the sun coming down. We tried some typical Aegina dishes, including some amazing fresh fish and some wine paired perfectly. Filled to the brim and full of satisfaction, we rolled ourselves across the road and into the water for a refreshing dip!

Time was ticking and we only had a couple hours left until the ferry was leaving so after a long enjoyable swim we jumped back on our quads and buzzed up the remaining uncharted west part of the island's coastline.

A day is never complete in my eyes without something sweet! Back at the port after returning our quads some ice cream deemed itself necessary before hopping on the ferry and calling it a day. The little port town is very sweet and well worth the stroll so we took to it to find some ice cream and kill two birds with one stone. DaVinci Gelato is a popular ice cream shop in Greece, and a must find while traveling out there. Safe to say, it did the job!

Unfortunately, all good days come to an end, but this one ended on a particularly high note. A pleasant surprise I highly suggest for all of you is to witness a sunset on the water. It felt like riding through a rainbow, watching the colors change and darken as you drift on by into the dark abyss of nightfall. It was by far one of the more beautiful experiences I've had here in Greece.

With that being said, I don't think any hourly advice is worth giving for travels because we all enjoy life at a different pace. But I do love to share the finds on my checklist to give others the opportunity to see it through their own lens. Yamas!

Yamas* cheers in Greek

Fyki Beach Restaurant

Temple of Aphaia

DaVinchi Gelato Aegina

Drive Rentals Aegina* quad rental shop

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