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Clean Living Starts With Clean Beauty

I get a lot of questions from friends and fellow instagramers about the make up and beauty products that I post, believe in and use. I appreciate their trust in coming to me so I also want to make sure I help provide a promising opinion because we all know how much money can add up when buying different skincare products. So here's a little run down on my latest endeavor that will also come in handy to all you gals looking for something to benefit your daily beauty routine!

I have been having fun researching and dabbling around with lots of different clean beauty products for the first two months of the new year. A part of my New Years Resolution was to clean up my health, starting with my nutrition and beauty products. Living abroad as a professional athlete involves a ton of travel, sleepless jet lag, and SWEAT! It also was what lead to me stumbling upon Credo Beauty, the largest non-toxic clean beauty store worldwide. I was intrigued and finally able to stop into their store once I got back to the US. They carry around 150 different clean beauty brands that are all consistent with clean, all natural, organic ingredients and cruelty free. Who doesn't love the sound of that? I don't want any aluminum, parabens, chemicals, or animal oils and fats on my skin! Yuck!

Credo Brands & Products I'm using:

Ilia beauty - The sheer vivid tinted moisturizer spf 20 (color: Lovina T5) is perfect for the long days outside that doesn't need heavy coverage, just a little cover..

Eco brow - The defining wax (color: Sharon soft brunette) is my go-to for eye brows on fleek when I want some solid color for a event or night out, but also can be worn lightly for daily use.

Lily lolo mascara - Its a natural mascara (color: black) that gets me the best lash compliments, with its full long look, tends to trick people into thinking I wear fake lashes.... NEVER!

8faces - The boundless solid oil does good lovin' on all arenas needing repair; for me, that always my hands and lips which tend to be super dry.

Along side what I was able to find there, I also began collaborating with some amazing brands online in the meantime with the same standards. One in particular asked me to jump on board with them as an ambassador; this new blossoming vegan beauty company is called Araza Beauty. Their paleo coconut cream foundation was the initial catch for me! My skin revolts when I put on any types of foundation because its so sensitive, but when I tried their line it had a super light feel and no backlash after a long day of use. I'm also not a big eye shadow gal but their sweet, simple colors gave me a subtle shine while my look remained natural.

Araza Products I'm using:

Coconut cream foundation melts to my skin, makes me look and feel flawless without the stress of long wear breakouts at the end of the day.

Long-wear eye color is my type of eye color because its a simple shine giving a moist feel and not feeling dry on my eyelids; and sometimes I even blend the colors and use them for something more uppity!

Jojoba infused mineral powder foundation is what I trade between if not the coconut cream foundation based on my mood for cream or powder; I notice most that my face never looks oily when wearing it because of how well it absorbs and prevents excess oil.

The other company I personally LOVE, discovered them through another professional athlete and have been able to test out is Cocokind Skincare. Need some help getting those eyebrows on fleek? Ugh, SAME! Their full organic brow balm is to the rescue! Whenever I don't feel like filling mine in and just giving them some shape with a little added tint, I use this. I don't like wearing anything with a strong color base that comes off with sweat for my games but when they're on TV or livestreamed, I still like something on so its perfect.

Cocokind Products I'm using:

Organic full brow balm is probably my most used makeup product because I am a light makeup wearing gal and this fits right in; shapes and tints them without the look of any added color.

Antioxidant and mushroom charged highlighter kit was a good laugh for me at first because my friend had to explain how to use it, but once I learned, WOW, who knew a little shine on my cheeks and bridge of my nose could such a long way! Blush scares me, but this is the perfect substitute.

My Matcha, Macabeet, and Turmeric face and lip treatments are something I grab and use at least once every day. Usually My Matcha and Macabeet are my chapstick type uses, Macabeet being more of a pinkish tint. While the Turmeric stick leaves a yellowish color on your skin so I use it at night before bed when all those pickles come out from days worth of sweat, stress, or PMS.

Golden elixir sacha inchi body and hair moisturizer is good for both but I need something extra in my hair so thats where it goes for me. I use it on my ends wet and dry to keep them looking healthy since I tend to blow dry often with the humidity in my apartment where I live.

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