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It's the Aloha Moment!

ALOOOOHA and good morning beautiful people.. I don't know about you, but a sensitive stomach/gut is my daily drama, making it impossible to find a good protein powder that doesn't have a million wacky add-ins upsetting it... So I started my research and it was hard to ignore so much positivity around Aloha from other gluten free, vegan minded gals I know, so I knew it was something I needed to get my hands on.

Its vegan and soy free packed full of protein sources - I absolutely love the vanilla powder in my banana oat pancakes, but I even tried it in my coffee for the first time... delicious! They also carry chocolate and banana; I bounce back and forth between the vanilla and chocolate depending on my mood.

Being an athlete puts a precedent on protein and nutritional awareness - late night, long trainings are hard to sleep on without something post training in my stomach and I wanted to look into smoothies. Plant based powder was exactly what I wanted, but strangely hard to find; no artificial sweeteners or stevia with that weird lingering taste or extra sweetness, nor is my gut uneasy from any heavy late night meals. This stuff is perfect, nothing like it!

Keep it simple and thank me later: Coconut milk and 2 scoops of Aloha on ice... BOOM!

If you're looking for other ideas and ways to use it, I often take some of the popular recipes on their page... check em' out!

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