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Beach Clubs of the Riviera

Greece is well known for its islands, each unique and extraordinarily bright and beautiful. But the identity of the Athenian Riviera is one of the more underrated places to be and be seen in Greece for travelers. Many tourists seem to race through the city and check off all its cultural history before jumping on a plane or ferry to some of the islands for the remainder of their trips. Not that any of those places are to be missed, but from Pireas all the way down the coast line through the cape of Sounio are some of the most lively and breath taking beaches in Greece (as sworn by many of the locals). By the way, the places posted are tested personally by me! Just the handful of my favorites. Though summer ran quickly as I arrived, I'm sure there is more to be discovered as the spring rolls back around.

From top to bottom, tucked into the area of Alimos lying just south of Palaio Faliro outside Athens city center is the Akanthus Summer Club and Nalu Cafe. It is one of the hot spots of summer for the northern Athens beach going crowds that like crystal clear waters and a view of Pireas. Not only is the beach beautiful, but from the restaurant a glass of their French rose and a number of their appetizers around happy hour adds the perfect cap on a beach day! Not to mention its always packed to the brim with well dressed, coffee sipping locals.

Akanthus Summer Club

Next down the coast is the Balux Cafe - The House Project, near the popular area of Glyfada. Its set up with a space for kids to play busy, while the adults can enjoy their sun, fun and coffee by the sea. Whether you're laying in a beach chair or up at the restaurant, Balux is a family friendly place to catch some sun.

Krabo Beach is next on the map. It's a new beach club and restaurant tucked into Kavouri defining itself as the boho chic beach club of the Riviera. It's smaller but has a great vibe in both the day and the evening times. Serving up one of my favorite freddos meanwhile offering up perfectly clear water for a refreshing dip, or just boat watching all the catamarans and yachts buzz in and out of the inlet.

Astir is THE beach club of the Riviera. Not only raved about by the locals but it also proves itself worthy throughout the year well into November with its busy Saturdays filled with tourists, locals and all else swimming, drinking, dining, and even playing some beach volley and pickle ball. Theres plenty to do for all people looking to be active or just relax and catch sun. The view out on the water is breath taking and the shallow, crystal clear waters are perfect for long lasting swims; that is what keeps my attendance regular. I have made this place my weekly stop from September to November and already back at I now in March... I am an avid and loyal beach goer if you haven't realized yet!

Astir Beach Club

The Margi is a boutique hotel located in my opinion, the most beautiful region of the Riviera, Vouliagmeni. I know you're probably like, um not a beach club... and yes, you're right, but there are days where the sun is definitely out but maybe a tad too windy or has a little chill or maybe you're just looking to mix it up. This hotel has the perfect poolside for a day in the sun off the seaside. Between its beyond delicious food and drinks and its stylish poolside lounging, this trendy spot is safe to say, very "Insta-Worthy!"

The Margi Hotel

Vouliagmeni Lake isn't an actual beach club either but it's quite unique so I thought it deserved a feature. The lake is a carved out portion of the cliff side separated from the ocean. There is a mystery component to this place too; year-round the water remains between 21 and 27 degrees celsius making it good for swimming no matter what time of the year! Thats hard to find almost anywhere in the world besides some hot springs. On top of that, the peaceful environment is the ideal place to come for a coffee or meal if you want a change of scenery and some fresh air.

Vouliagmeni Lake

Last but not least, about thirty to forty minutes down the coastline ending at the cape is the Cape Sounio Grecotel Resort. We stumbled upon it originally by accident, cruising down the coastline checking out the beautiful beaches on our way to the Temple of Poseidon. Once we parked and jumped out of the car to check it out, we knew we had discovered a real gem. We only had the time to check out the beach club portion of it, which was pristine. The clear waters were filled and at your twelve o'clock view was the most beautiful view of the National Park of Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon perched up on the hillside ahead of us. After further snooping online after we had returned home, I realized this place was a 5 start which easily put itself on the top of my list of places to return to. It was the full package!

Cape Sounio Grecotel Resort

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