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A Bruncher's Guide Around Athens

There’s truly something heartwarming about sitting in a cozy cafe, a freshly brewed coffee in front of you, as you soak up the ambience and background tunes playing all made to give you those homey feels. *winter vibes speaking*


As the holidays roll around and the weather begins to chill, it tends to guide you back into those cafes looking for the perfect environment to socialize or get some work done.


Don't get me wrong, they're also the perfect place to post up in the sun during the warmer months. Out here, the go to coffees when its warm is referred to as "Freddo" cappuccinos or espressos.

As the months here in Greece have begun to add up for me, the one pastime that never seems to age is the constant discovery of new cafes around Athens and throughout the Riviera.

Whether it’s a full brunch or only coffee, the espresso bars to the sit downs around this city all have you covered. The adorable decor makes for perfect “insta-worthy” photos, as does the food and coffees.

Yi Raw Glyfada
Six D.O.G.S

The Greeks tend to roll in towards the mid afternoon hours, and you’ll find them there well beyond the evening hours up too. Cafes remain filled all hours of the day; filled with a sense of relaxation, conversation, and those with no other place they'd rather be.

I have stumbled around area's close to the city center where I have a few favorite gems.

Philos Athens

Specifically in Kolonaki, the more posh district, I most recently discovered a place called Philos Athens. It's tucked in quietly resembling an apartment looking studio entrance with a small, local vibe. But don't be fooled, if you don't have a reservation you may miss out!

The Margi Hotel

As you wander closer to the Monastiraki area, which most commonly hubs the rooftop bars that overlook the Acropolis, you'll find another gem of mine. Six D.O.G.S is both a trendy cultural center that hosts live music and art exhibitions, with very tasty cocktails, as well as, a BOMB spot for brunch.

I'm not one to order your basic avocado toast on a menu since its more of a "make it at home item" but I saw one and had to try it; safe to say I was not disappointed.

Take a look!! Where else would you rather be?

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