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Snow Day in Thessaloniki

We caught a flight up to Thessaloniki a few times for volleyball matches but only one time did we end up spending two days in white powder snow. This was just after sitting in the sunshine on the seaside down in Athens earlier that day before heading to the airport. For some of you this may be normal, but it was crazy to change up climates so easily from complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Yet, it was beautiful; powder white raining down quietly on everything around us, the cars, buildings, trees. Growing up in a beach town doesn't allow this to happen often, rather, ever unless you drive into the nearest mountain a few hours away.

Before I jump too far ahead, Greece is well known for many of its beautiful islands, as well as, Athens which is the main city that the islands are typically accessed through. They mostly remain down in the southern half of the country, scattered around the Ionian and Aegean seas. Thessaloniki rather, is a Greek Port city with ruins of Roman Emperor Galerius’ 4th-century palace on the Thermatic Gulf located in the northwest standing as the second largest city in Greece.

Considering the snow was coming down quite heavily the days we were there, it didn't leave much for us to do when we had the time free before our match, so strolling the streets and hitting some cafes I had marked on my Google Maps was the perfect way to seize the day! Carpe Diem, right?

Coincidentally, the center of Thessaloniki is also considered the most popular destination for street photography in Greece. So with limited time and limited winter apparel, here are snippets of my snow day in Thessaloniki and the cafe gems I found within it!

Cafe Features and MUST visits:

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