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Hydra, the Perfect Motor-less Island Day Trip

Hydra Port - Papagalos
Hydra Port
Hydra Port

Our alarmed blared at 8.15am, our trip was unbooked, unplanned, and still technically undecided on as we rolled over in bed contemplating what our next move would be. But with one eye open and two girls with cellphones, we managed to book ferry tickets, a hotel and get our asses out of bed and into a taxi to the ferry port by 9am take off. Now that was a miracle! With that being said, best decision I've made in a long time; Hydra is absolutely gorgeous.

Hydra town

Unfortunately, with the free time available I only ended up staying one night, but truthfully, it worked out perfectly. Hydra is a very small, quaint port town without any motor vehicles on the entire island. The adorable costumed donkeys are waiting at the port to help move both heavy luggages for any travelers, or even just those that want a ride.

After jumping off the ferry and ditching our luggage at the hotel, we began the trip with a couple cappuccinos and a delicious brunch at Papagalos. We sat outside soaking up the early sun before we set out on a long walk west of the port towards Vlychos Plakes Beach. On the way down to Vlychos, there are a number of great options to stop, both for sun and eats and drinks. It was still closed when we went because of the season, but Sunset Restaurant and HYDRONETTA Cocktail Bar on Hydronetta Beach are perfect for pre or post swim coctails, especially around sunset. The water glows with a variety of blues while the hills are covered in multi-colored florals.

A little further down near Avlaki Beach is a hip restaurant with absolutely THE BEST seafood I think I've ever had, Techne. Not to mention, their cocktails are delicious too. With its rave reviews as well, it was a must hit spot for us. Highly recommend it for a evening dinner spot if you're going to eat and cocktails there are perfect for any hour, but you don't want to miss out so definitely make a reservation!

Kodylenias Resto

As you approach Kamini you hit the corner of the mini port with a beautiful rustic restaurant, Kodylenias Resto, that has a buzzing crowd enjoying fresh, Greek style lunch out in the sunshine. If you end up here long enough its facing the right direction to catch a beautiful sunset overlooking the Peloponnese not far across the water. In this same port area is beautiful architecture with bright rusted colors, and a local vibe with water taxis and fisherman's boats alined and docked in the small marina. Kamini beach is just down the road, another spot to get down to the water for a swim or catch sun. At the seaside of the beach spot is a stone building with a small bridge; and to our surprise there were a couple of wild horses eating in the grass just above it.

Vlychos Beach

Our final stop along the western side of the island was Vlychos Beach. We sat up above on the benches surrounded by daisies looking down on the beach with the rows of straw umbrellas in front of the pebble sand and clear water.

Back in town there is another handful of spots you definitely shouldn't miss. So by the time we made the walk back, we thought... sweets? Absolutely. Flora's Pastry Shop is a little bakery looking shop filled with a number of sweets. All of different variety to appeal to your liking; my favorite was anything chocolate, and they were sweet enough to let me taste around first.

We somehow never get full of food, so after a day of snacking and rose we managed to clean up and jet out of the room to catch sunset around the eastern side of the main port over by Kabos, the corner that jets out offering a perfect spot for sunset. After that we decided to do dinner at Psaropoula, a recommendation by the hotel. It was a rooftop bar that is only accessed by tiny treehouse like stairs. Once you get up there, the food and service is styled as if you're being cooked at a family's home. They're so kind and the food is all made fresh for you, cut and cooked with love. Delicious!!!

To end the night, we hopped over to Plakostroto Hydra for a night cap. The cocktails and wine were a perfect combination to the cozy decor of couches, candles, and dangling lights. The friendly staff and cute pup were another reason we were in no rush to close our tab.

All fun must come to an end though, because as that gracious alarm blared again at 6.30am the next morning, we were forced to drag out tired booties out of bed and catch the 7am ferry back to Athens so the volleyball life could start back up again. Only a short trip, but oh so sweet, Hydra was the perfect "day trip" for a quick getaway as the weather finally started to heat up and preview the summer feel again.

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