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How to Conquer Crete in a Week!

When it comes to planning travel, I tend to be the "fit it all in" gal instead of the "all-inclusive hotel" type. With that being said, I was eager to make a trip to Crete, but couldn't get myself to leave any stops off the list. So, here is a GO-GETTER'S GUIDE to Crete. My first and most important suggestion, rent a car! This may be an island but it has so much to see and do, you'll be lucky to check it all off the list in one trip. So strap in, enjoy the long rides and soak up all of Crete's beauty because lucky for you, there is so many ways to make a fulfilling trip here!

Day 1:

Arrival in Heraklion, drive to Agios Nikolas

Eats + Drinks -

Brunch: Zygos Garden

Lunch: Chez, Georges

Dinner: Gioma Meze

Day 2 - Day Trip:

Agios Nikolas to Mochlos

Eats + Drinks -

The Rocks Cafe Bar

Votania Herb Farm

Day 3:

Explore Agios + Elounda, Plaka

Eats + Drinks -

The Blue Door

Blue Palace Resort and Spa

Day 4:

Drive through Rethimno (few hour stop), drive to Chania

Eats + Drinks -

2Doors Coffee Lab

Day 5:

Old Town Chania, Seitan Limani, Carte Postale

Eats + Drinks -

Carte Postale

Kross Coffee Works


Ginger Concept

Kousina LTD

The Well of the Turk

Day 6 - Day Trip:

Impros Gorge, Hora Sfakion, boat to Loutro

Eats + Drinks -

Imbros Gorge View Cafe

Day 7:

Balos Lagoon, Elafonisi Beach

Day 8:

Depature from Chania


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