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Summertime Cyprus

The first and most commonly asked question when you tell someone you're heading to Cyprus is, "where is that...?" And if not, its usually, "Isn't that a Greek island?" Although Cypriots speak a version of Greek and many parts of their culture and lifestyle comes from Greece, Cyprus is its own country centrally located off the coast of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. It's absolutely beautiful, and has a large variety to offer especially for an island. From crystal clear beaches, to waterfalls, mountains, to wineries, and a handful of historical sites, this island has enough "touristic" adventure to keep you busy for at least a year!

November is quickly coming to a close and it wasn't until just last week (about the second to last week of November) that I last had a bikini on near the seaside. Summer felt like it was never-ending and I was loving every ounce of sun I managed to soak up! I am still sitting out on my balcony catching some morning sun but its a bit chillier than your typical summer weather.

Here is a glimpse into the perfect HOT SPOTS for Summertime in Cyprus!

Are you more of the cabana life, sandy beach type? Look no further! [Featured: Makronissos Beach and Nissi Beach]

Looking for more of an adventure, maybe something reached by ATV, off roading, where you can rock jump? I got you! [Featured: Cape Greco, Ayioi Anargiroi Church]

How about quiet pebble beaches with cliffside scenery? Its here! [Featured: Kourion Beach, Limmasol]

Kourion Beach

Party on the beach? Done and DONE! [Featured: Nissi Beach and Fig Tree Bay]

Nissi Beach

Any romantics out there? There's love in the air, especially here... [Featured: Love Bridge, Ayia Napa]

Looking for a city-scape? Nicosia has got you covered! [Featured: The Landmark, Nicosia]

Maybe a day by the pool is more of a preference... This place is A MUST! [Featured; Amara Hotel, Limmasol]

How about swim near something historical? Two birds with one stone... Easy! [Featured: Birthplace of Aphrodite or Petra You Romiou, Limmasol/Paphos]

Did someone say sea caves? [Featured: Konnos Bay Cyclops Sea Caves, Cape Greco]

Beauty hidden in the bay as well! [Featured: Konnos Bay]

Konnos Bay

Too much sun for one day? Camp out and grab a cocktail at one of the local hotels or beach bars! [Featured: Cliff Bar, Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa]

Don't forget all the fresh fruit stands scattered around the island! We always made a point to stop and stock up on some figs and melon... [Featured: This stand is located in Cape Greco]

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