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Nanocraft CBD - CBD For Athletes!

Everybody is talking about the recent influx of CBD... its basically a movement! The coffee shops are throwing it in their coffees, the sports world is rubbing it all over their bodies, and the rest of the world is trying to ditch those anxieties and many other depression related health issues. And its working!

As an athlete, we are constantly looking to improve our game; this means pushing our limits to achieve new levels of success. The reason I'm starting here is to explain how I found Nanocraft CBD, my literal FAVORITE products for my everyday athletic routine. For starters, I have been through years of pains where I turned to Ibuprofen to keep me in one piece, and let me tell you, that was not the solution. Long term it caused more problems than it temporarily solved. Years apart from that issue, I also got into marketing and learned about some intriguing ways that athletes could become sponsored individually while on a team.

So my mission of 2019 was to take on the challenge of combining two relative notions in my life and find a company that could both help make me stronger within my career, and also provide some necessary means in the marketing sphere that would help promote me as an athlete as well. BOOM - that's a win win if you ask me!

CBD was only just picking up, and since I had lived abroad since 2015 I missed the legalizing of marijuana and all the new perks that began to snowball from that legalization. I stumbled upon Nanocraft CBD on Instagram through a friends photo; she was posting for them regarding anxiety, sleep deprivation, and pain. LIGHTBULB! Was this the product I had been long searching for?


I began my research on the company: who they interacted with, how they branded, whether or not it was a safe product to use as a professional athlete, if my needs could be helped by the benefits of these products, did they sponsor athletes, how were their reviews from those that used it the same way I wanted to use it. Their page had such a clean, clear, basic breakdown of all my question, concerns and curiosities. With all of that being said, my checklist was fulfilled completely!

1. Trusted as the #1 CBD for athletes

2. Lab tested with certificates of analysis

3. Non psychoactive - THC FREE

4. Muscle and joint inflammation and pain relief

5. Dietary benefits like weight loss management

6. Provides energy to jumpstart the day

7. Provides recovery to ease into better rest and quicker turnover

8. Decreases stress, anxieties, depression

9. Decreases headaches and migraines

10. Markets through professional athletes

I wanted to get behind and share something I truly believed in, as well as, something I needed for my athletic career. When I recognized that it was benefitting the health and lifestyle of my entire life, and not only my athletics, I realized I had found my golden ticket to the two part search I was looking for back when I started this journey. It didn't hurt that I get to support a local startup because I know this CBD boom is coming and I want to be a part of it with those that started from the ground up from my hometown.

"It is no secret athletes physically abuse their bodies more than any other demographic, both positively and negatively. The health implications of Cannabidiol oil have begun to take shape and hemp-derived products have shown to have significant impacts on sport recovery. Here at Nanocraft Sciences we have taken advantage of CBD’s health implications and have formulated it with some of the most impactful sport supplements in existence to create something that is truly designed for the athlete in all of us." - NanocraftCBD

They're like the Vuori of the Athleisure world knocking down the doors of Lululemon, making it known that there's a new kid in town that is taking over the streets... and the gyms!

I know this stuff doesn't run cheap, BUT I can promise you, the amount of positive benefits are SO worth the investment. And I want to help YOU so...

Give it a try! 20% Discount Code: TAY20

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