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A Finland Coffee Guide

Here is a local approved guide for all things coffee and cafe's around Finland's three major southern cities; Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. Sit back, relax, read on, and smell the fresh roasted coffee coming your way!

Let's start with the most internationally known, meaning first off is Helsinki. This Scandinavian hotspot is definitely on the bucketlist of many influencers, foodies, and travel bloggers conquering European borders, and for good reason! A great general guide for the city itself is @myhelsinki on Instagram if you're living for activities as well.

Top cafes + roasters (district):

  1. Levain (Punavuori) - this is my first and favorite spot every time I get to Helsinki. Their pastel de natas are TO DIE FOR and fit perfectly with a oat milk cappucinno. Not a coffee lover? Their list of freshly brewed teas are just as good.

  2. We Got This (Punavuori) - coffee experts that make a delicious oat milk cappucino! Loved their fresh cheese croissants and korvapuustis as well.

  3. Kaffa Roastery (Punavuori) - stylish underground coffee roaster, with a great vibe refilling your coffee to wine.

  4. ANDANTE Specialty Coffee (Punavuori) - one of the few cafes with a very "hipster" ettique; I posted up to work and people watch comfortably for a couple hours.

  5. Relove Freda (Punavuori) - the popular gathering spot for all gals second hand shopping, avocado toasts, and cappucinnos.

  6. Brooklyn Cafe (Punavuori) - ever need that real bagel fix? This American couple owned cafe solidifies that coffee-bagel combo perfectly.

  7. Théhuone (Kamppi) - strolled past this adorable window side tea shop buzzing all the way out the door onto the sidewalk with plenty of tea-sipping locals.

  8. Pause Cafe (Kamppi) - jumped into this tiny cafe for an early coffee and fresh yogurt before a long bus trip, the fresh fruit and healthy snack filled me up just right after a long weekend of fun!

  9. Paulig Kulma Specialty Coffee (Kämp Galleria) - inside the boutique-y Kämp Galleria shopping center sits this adorable little open cafe on the top floor.

  10. Kuuma (Kämp Galleria) - inside the boutique-y Kämp Galleria shopping center sits this gem as well on the bottom floor.

  11. Johan & Nyström - Kanavaranta (Katajanokka - on the water) - removed from most of the city center people-traffic sits this Sweden based coffee shop right on the water in the Helsinki Marina. Can never go wrong with a flat white!

  12. Harju 8 (Harju/Torkkelinmaki) - a new favorite in the Harju neighborhood, giving off a very friendly berliner, international vibe. Its set up in a bar fashion with an absolutely killer brunch. I ordered avocado toast benedict topped with smoked salmon... need I say more?

  13. Flät no 14 (Harju/Torkkelinmaki) - locals only! Just kidding, but pop in for a coffee, glass of wine, or something more brunchy as you blend in to one of the local favorites. Definitely somewhere to cozy up for lunch as well!

  14. Sävy (Harju/Torkkelinmaki) - corner cafe piled with WFH locals drinking all thing caffeinated. I took a couple of homemade chocolate chip cookies and a single oat milk cappucinno to go. Hit the spot!

  15. Patisserie Teemu Aura (Kallio) - this pink patisserie on wheels is perfect for all things coffee, breads, and Instagram-worthy treats.

  16. Cafe Regatta (Töölö - on the water) - far out from Helsinki's city center, but very worth the trip; a quiet place for a warm drink at sunset right on the water on the upper western side of the city.

Next up, Turku! If you haven't already, I highly suggest following @eatturku on Instagram for all these food + drink around the city. I have vetted out my fair share and ready to share the cheat sheet with you.

Top cafes + roasters:

  1. bageri Å - I repeatedly traveled to Turku specifically for this spot. It checks all the boxes from fresh pastries, top cappuccinos and flat whites, perfume level grounded beans, and cozy aesthetic nestled into the Kakola Brewing Company up on the hill overlooking the river. Can you say, staycation perfection?

  2. Leipomo Gryn Oy - bread HEAVEN! I brought home a variety that stayed fresh for a fews days.

  3. Cafe Art - right on the Aura River in the heart of Turku, this place is cozy and welcoming serving a long list of teas and coffees. The long list of cheesecake options aren't to miss either.

  4. Fontana Cafe - another Instagram-worthy favorite serving anything from matcha cappuccinos to rosé, and a delicious lunch menu.

  5. Gaggui Kaffela - this is your cake slice heaven, the options are endless and paired perfectly with an oat milk cappucino.

  6. Cafe Victor - between the romantic decor and the artistic spillover from the Turku Art Museum, this gem pairs a black coffee nicely with a korvapuusti. Their fresh orange juice is a great substitute if you're not in the mood for something caffeinated.

  7. Leipomo Manna - Turku's second slice of bread... I mean slice of heaven starting with all their breads! Only pity is its distance from city center, but worth a stop nonetheless.

  8. Nerå - not necessarily a favorite coffee option but who said wine can't be an early replacement. Did someone say hair of the dog? Aesthetically pleasing right on the water, and if you pop in hungry you won't leave disappointed.

Last off is Tampere, the student city of the west, and also the largest of the Nordic cities. Filled with relaxed energy and beautifully lined in brick architeture wedged between two large lakes linked by rapids. Fun fact, Tampere is also officially declared the "Sauna Capital of the World." Nothing better than a ice bath followed by a sauna session and a warm cappucinno... or a beer, and this list of cafes have that for you too! @visittampereofficial on Instagram is a great overall guide for discovering all things Tampere as well.

Top cafes + roasters:

  1. Cafe Pispala - a Finnish favorite, serving up a typical American brunch with everything from yogurt, eggs, bacon and pancakes. You most definitely will need a reservation since its a smaller place and only opens a few days a week.

  2. Näsinnuela Observation Tower - a two for one destination seeing as you can check off a touristy stop while sipping on something in the sky. Perfect for sunset or just a clear day in general.

  3. Vallaton Kahvila - once you get here because its a little outside the city center, you can cozy up with friends and drink the day away feeling right at home within the home-y decor.

  4. Kahvila Runo - a very artistic cafe filled with local paintings, books and candles. We grabbed a few different cheesecakes to share. Delicious!

  5. Pella's Cafe - if you've tapped out on sweets and are in need for something healthy this cafe has a long list of fresh salads waiting for you. Cappucinnos go we beside them, but so do their Aperol spritz...

  6. Fazer Cafe Hämeenkatu - another colorful cappucinno hot spot, filled with local students sipping all things coffee, matcha, and milkshakes.

  7. Moro Sky Bar (Hotel Torni Tampere) - a bar in the sky perfect for baileys on ice, or inside a cup of coffee. Watch the sun go down from the best place in the city.

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