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The Adventure Guide of French Polynesia

TAHITI This island is a surfer's paradise. Not a surfer? No problem! Us gals jumped on a boat to catch the action, hiked, ate, and drank our way just as sufficiently through this beautiful island.

Stay: This was our Airbnb; White Sand Villa - a huge house perfect for 4-6 people outside of the bustling Papa'ete on the Route de Teahupo'o only about 15 minutes from the world renown surf break Teahupo'o. Come to surf it? This nestled gem is right where you want to be.


Sandbar off Vaira'o - This was a favorite! We grabbed kayak's from our airbnb and took them up and down the coastline, then about 30 mins off the coast to this sandbar where we jumped out on the sand and snacked while looking back at the island from the sand on the sea. Such a rad view!

Plateau de Taravao

Faarumai Waterfall

Water Gardens Vaipahi

Harrison Smith Botanical Garden

VAIHI, 2 Cascades, Faaone

Grotte Vaipori (need a boat to access this hidden gem)

Eat +Drink:

La Plage de Maui

Le Manoa

Le Bout du Monde

Papa'ete Market

Roulotte Kohai

Poke Bar Tahiti

MOOREA Hands down, a one of a kind place to see on this planet. Breathtaking ocean blues surrounding the entire island. It is an absolutely worthwhile trip for anytime frame, whether it's only for one day or one week!


Hotel Manava Beach Resort

Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort


Belvedere Lookout

Manutea Tahiti Rotui Juice Factory & Distillery

Three Coconuts Lookout

Three Pines Lookout

Rent a scooter to buzz around the island




Eat +Drink:

Restaurant La Grand Voile

More Beach Cafe by Bruno Jamais

Coco Beach Moorea

BORA BORA* - PSA I didn't actually make it to Bora Bora on this most recent trip, but I have been in years past, and I had done my research in case we did make it there this time. I want to be sure to include this island because it is truly one not to miss. So here is what I had prepared prior to departure!


Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa


Mount Pahia Summit

Mount Otemanu

Eat +Drink:

Bora Bora Beach Club

La Villa Mahana

Lagoon by Jean-Georges

Bloody Mary's

Bubbles Bar

Fare Manuia

Le Matira Beach Restaurant

Vini Vini Bar and Restaurant

Kaina Hut

Le Meridien Bora Bora's Pool Bar

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